90% Faster dev-cycles with our Predictive Test Selection model

Balance high-quality code with incredible velocity, ensuring an unmatched developer experience and productivity

Faster dev-cycles

leverage a sophisticated model to trim unnecessary test runs, without compromising quality, ensuring faster feedback cycles for builds.

Improved dev productivity

Minimize test time to enhance developer productivity and experience by reducing time spent waiting for feedback.

Cost savings

Benefit from efficient workflows and reduced testing time, leading to cost-saving advantages both compute costs and developer time.

Reduce Testing Time by 54%
with 99.96% Coverage

Our Predictive Test Selection model stands out due to its foundation in multi-year research, which has led to significant breakthroughs including the establishment of a provable optimal strategy. It estimates the probability of failure for each test, utilizing historical data on code changes and past test results. It is designed to continuously learn and adapt to your environment.

Recognizing the challenges posed by lack of information, it employs advanced hierarchical clustering methods, such as collaborative filtering, ensuring accurate predictions even for new tests and code components. Additionally, the model is time-aware, incorporating temporal data to effectively address the rapid changes occurring within the codebase.

Predicting over 99.96% of test failures and effectively avoiding unnecessary tests.

Clustering techniques for optimal predictions
Employing five distinct test clustering techniques to systematically handle scenarios characterized by limited historical data.
Optimal Avg Time to Failure strategy
Our research team has established a mathematical proof affirming that for optimal Recall AUC and ATTF, tests should be executed in descending order.

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Running with and without Predictive Test Selection

Redefining privacy standards

Eliminating the need for continuous code access or code storage.
Zero code storage
Your code and sensitive information are never stored on our systems, eliminating the risk of unauthorized access.
SOC2 compliance
Redefine.dev is fully compliant with SOC2 standards, establishing a high level of trust and security in our practices.
Anonymized data extraction
We value your data privacy and use anonymized attributes to extract code change details, ensuring sensitive information remains confidential.
Secure git operations
All Git operations and code analyses are conducted on our CI machine, creating a fortress of security around your code.
Okta & SSO support
Our integration with Okta and Single Sign-On (SSO) reinforces authentication and streamlines access control, adding an extra layer of protection.