{CI Bottlenecks}


One click CI optimization platform to accelerate your development cycle and save cloud costs.

Move Fast.
Don't Break Things.

Accelerate Development

Reduce CI feedback time by 70%

Faster issues resolution

Increase Confidence

Shift left Integration testing

Improved stability through avoiding unreliable tests

One Click Test Analysis

Real-Time Test Monitoring

Automated Test Health Metrics

Seamless CI/CD Integration

Compatible with any CI
Compatible with GitlabCompatible with JenkinsCompatible with Circle CICompatible with Github ActionsCompatible with Team CityCompatible with Team City

{CI Optimization} Platform

Add Redefine to your existing
{CI Environment}

and start saving compute costs & improve reliability

Redefine: The first AI-based CI optimization platform that speeds up dev cycles and cuts cloud costs by optimizing builds and reducing feedback time by over 90%

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