Supercharging Software Delivery

Optimize your dev-cycles by testing only what's relevant for every code change. You can finally maintain a balance between delivering high-quality code with incredible velocity.

Redefine Your Developer Experience

Developers are always looking for modern ways to improve inner dev loops, so we built a CI optimization platform that works.


Predictive Test Selection for faster development.

Our Predictive Test Selection model analyzes your code and uses machine learning to automatically detect which tests are relevant to your changes, so you can ship faster.


Slack Integration for Instant Feedback

Get an instant Slack notification for failed tests, allowing for prompt bug fixing. You shouldn’t have to wait until the entire build is done to find out one test failed.


AI bug fix

Use "Suggest a Fix" to receive an AI-generated solution based on the GPT model. Empowering you to deliver flawless software effortlessly, without arduous debugging,


Test Observability for enhanced stability

Our inspection feature identifies and helps fix flaky tests, helping you resolve flaky tests that slow you down, and creating a more stable testing environment.

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Redefining privacy standards

Eliminating the need for continuous code access or code storage.
Zero code storage
Your code and sensitive information are never stored on our systems, eliminating the risk of unauthorized access.
SOC2 compliance is fully compliant with SOC2 standards, establishing a high level of trust and security in our practices.
Anonymized data extraction
We value your data privacy and use anonymized attributes to extract code change details, ensuring sensitive information remains confidential.
Secure git operations
All Git operations and code analyses are conducted on our CI machine, creating a fortress of security around your code.
Okta & SSO support
Our integration with Okta and Single Sign-On (SSO) reinforces authentication and streamlines access control, adding an extra layer of protection.

Integrate redefine into your existing stack

Install | 3 Min

Add Redefine’s CLI tool into your existing CI

Learning | 2 Weeks

Collecting build information to fine tune our models.

Activate | 5 Min

Speed up your CI by 70% and start saving cloud cost

How AI Test Selection Works?

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