Supercharging Software Delivery

Optimize your dev-cycles by testing only what's relevant for every code change. You can finally maintain a balance between delivering high-quality code with incredible velocity.

Redefine Your Developer Experience

Developers are always looking for modern ways to improve inner dev loops, so we built a CI optimization platform that works.


AI Test Optimization: Smart test prioritization for faster development.

Stop wasting time running every test for every code change. Our predictive algorithm analyzes your code and uses machine learning to automatically detect which tests are relevant to your changes, so you can ship faster.


Instant fail message: Swift notifications for test results

Get an instant Slack notification for failed tests, allowing for prompt bug fixing. If your code fails one test in your test run, you shouldn’t have to wait until the entire build is done to find out. Regain momentum and get back on track with a single click.


AI-powered bug fix

Use "Suggest a Fix" to receive an AI-generated solution based on the GPT model. Say goodbye to arduous debugging and welcome the efficiency of AI bug fix suggestions. effortlessly overcome challenges, empowering you to deliver flawless software effortlessly.


Flaky test detection: Enhance stability & efficiency

Our inspection feature identifies and helps fix flaky tests, creating a more stable testing environment. Continuously uncover and resolve those pesky flaky tests that disrupt your testing process and slow down production.


Integrate redefine into your existing stack

Install | 3 Min

Add Redefine’s CLI tool into your existing CI

Learning | 2 Weeks

Collecting build information to fine tune our models.

Activate | 5 Min

Speed up your CI by 70% and start saving cloud cost

How AI Test Selection Works?

No Code Access is required

Redefine is the first AI-based CI optimization platform that speeds up dev and cuts cloud costs by optimizing builds and reducing feedback time by over 90%

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