One Click{CI Optimization}Platform

One Click
{CI optimization} Platform

Optimize your dev-cycles by testing only what's relevant for every code change. You can finally maintain a balance between delivering high-quality code with incredible velocity.

AI-Powered CI for happy developers

Developers are always looking for modern ways to improve inner dev loops, so we built a CI optimization platform that works.


AI Test Optimization

Stop wasting time running every test for every code change. Our predictive algorithm analyzes your code and uses machine learning to find relevant tests based on your changes, so you can ship faster and move quickly back to work.


Real-Time Test Results

Get an instant Slack notification the moment a test fails, so you can start fixing bugs sooner. It shouldn't take you until the entire build is complete to realize your code has failed a test.

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Test Inspection

Deploy your code to production much faster by identifying flaky tests quickly. Leveraging an automated test analysis to determine which tests need to be fixed in order to gain a stable environment.


Skip Bad Tests

Fixing tests isn’t always your top priority. When a flaky test is found, prevent devs from running that test until it’s fixed.

Step Up Your Dev Game

Rapid bug resolution with real-time test failure notifications and AI-generated solutions.

Integrate redefine into your existing stack

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01 Install

Add Redefine’s CLI tool into your existing CI

3 min

02 Discover

Start collecting coding patterns data and test information

2 weeks

Redefine: The first AI-based CI optimization platform that speeds up dev cycles and cuts cloud costs by optimizing builds and reducing feedback time by over 90%

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